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Why Should I Have an FAQs Page on My Website?


Your LISA platform comes with an FAQ page built in and ready for use. All you have to do is check a box to enable the FAQ page and then add all of the questions that your leads and customers most want to know. While the FAQ feature is optional, we do recommend taking advantage of it for a number of reasons.

1. Improve Visitor Experience

Many visitors expect to see an FAQs page on a website and look for one before exploring other pages of a site. By having an FAQ page and linking to it throughout your website, you'll ensure that you're meeting your customers' expectations and being as helpful as possible.

2. Reiterate Your Company's Unique Benefits

In addition to answering customers' questions, you can use the FAQ page to highlight particular benefits or unique value propositions of your company. For example:

  • Do you use only in-house employees?
  • Are you certified with well-known brands or organizations?
  • Do you provide particularly quick service?
  • Are your warranties better than industry standard?

All of these are good opportunities to add a relevant FAQ. The company below, for example, uses the FAQs to highlight their independent ownership.


3. Save Time

By answering customers' questions directly on your website, you can help reduce the number of questions that your staff members have to field. You can also direct customers to visit your FAQ page to explore common questions before they meet with you, saving your time as well as the customers'.

4. Display Better Search Results

The LISA platform's FAQ feature utilizes special markup in the code to help search engines interpret the page as frequently asked questions. By doing so, we make it more likely that search engines like Google will display your website's FAQs directly in various search results.

For example, the search results below show the company MailChimp with two FAQs drawn from their website.



To learn more about the FAQ feature, please check out these help desk resources: