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About Spectrum's Approach

Spectrum embraces a holistic approach to digital marketing. We may be recognized for our industry-leading websites, but we offer so much more than a website.

Through proprietary software, customized strategies, and a team of digital marketing experts, we partner with our clients to maximize their marketing investment and lower their cost per lead (CPL). Our entire lead generation ecosystem is designed to work for your unique business, online and off.

Learn more about the many components of Spectrum's approach below.

Lead Insight Sales Automation (LISA) Platform

Your digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of our proprietary, industry-specific LISA software.


LISA—or Lead Insight Sales Automation—is not just a website or content management system (CMS). Instead, it's a complete lead generation ecosystem, combining the most essential features you need to compete in your industry's digital landscape.

Your Spectrum LISA platform includes:

  • Customized, mobile-responsive website design
  • Content and design elements based on proven lead conversion strategies
  • Admin portal for you and your entire team to manage your website
  • AI-powered sales insights via Predictive Match Index (PMI)
  • Online and offline lead tracking capabilities
  • Custom phone call routing
  • Automated email responses and other marketing automations
  • Lead reporting and filtering
  • Integration with most CRMs
  • Reputation management tools, including on-site and third-party reviews

Your Spectrum website will be managed not just by one person but by a team of experienced Client Managers. Each team member brings unique insights, experience, and oversight to ensure the success of your digital marketing strategies.

Organic Search Strategies

With your Spectrum website and throughout the LISA platform, SEO best practices are built in to every single feature. We're constantly refining our software based on the top search engines' latest updates to make sure your website gets found. 


We specifically optimize search visibility for high-intent leads—people who are actively looking for the products and services that you offer and who are ready to move forward. 

Once these online searchers find your website, they'll be guided to take the next step through high-conversion elements like special offer CTAs, custom quote forms, and exit intent popups. All of these features can be set up and managed directly through the LISA platform, either by you or your Spectrum Client Manager.

Paid Media Services

In addition to the SEO features that come standard with our LISA software, we offer additional paid media services to help your website get found by qualified leads.


We're a Google Elite Agency Partner in the top 1%, and our team of paid media specialists know exactly what works in your specific industry. We can help reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) while driving highly qualified traffic to your site.

We help our clients invest their marketing dollars effectively on the top digital platforms, including:

  • Predictive Sales AI automates and simplifies the work that goes into attracting, nurturing, and converting leads. Like our LISA software, PSAI can help with both online and offline leads at all stages of the sales cycle—and your entire team can sign in and use the PSAI admin portal if you want them to.

    Through Predictive Sales AI, you can:

    • Create, launch, and track the performance of custom Facebook ads
    • Communicate with leads by email, SMS/text, chat, Facebook business chat, and more—all through a single PSAI Communication Portal
    • Generate instant extreme weather reports based on a specific home address
    • Create widgets and drop them onto your website in minutes—including an AI-powered chatbot, a weather reporting tool, custom quote forms, popup CTA modals, and more

    Not currently a PSAI customer but would like to learn more? Connect with us for a demo of how PSAI can simplify your lead communications and help close more sales.

    Custom Strategies Based on Your Goals

    At Spectrum, we work in partnership with our clients. We bring decades of experience to the table and provide expert guidance on all things digital marketing—but at the same time, we encourage our clients to bring their own ideas to us, too.

    If you have a new strategy you'd like to test or a different direction you'd like to explore, we'll work with you to make it happen. We are here to support your business goals through strategic partnership.