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Overview: Exit Intent

Exit intent pop-ups are a great way to convert website visitors into leads. By presenting the right offer at the right moment—just when website visitors are about to leave—you'll make a last-minute conversion much more likely.

Learn more about this feature of the LISA platform and how to take advantage of it below.

What Are Exit Intent Pop-Ups?

Like the name implies, exit intent pop-ups are triggered as a result of a website visitor's exit intent. In other words, whenever a visitor goes to leave a page on your site, the exit intent modal automatically pops up.

Exit intents look similar to the one below, displaying as a small pop-up (or "modal") over a dark overlay.


Within the LISA admin, you can create different types of exit intent pop-ups. You can:

  • Link to any page (usually to advertise an offer or sweepstakes)
  • Offer a downloadable file in exchange for the visitor's name and email address

How to Create an Exit Intent

It's easy to create an exit intent through the LISA admin. Simply go to Site Content > Exit Intent and customize your pop-up. Get full instructions here.


Note that only LISA admin users with the role of Administrator will be able to access the Exit Intent feature in the admin. Learn more about the different user roles here.

Recommended Uses for Exit Intent

Exit intents should provide a strong, high-value offer as a last opportunity to grab the site visitor's attention. Ideally, this offer would be stronger than the offer already present on the homepage or other key pages of your site. However, if you do not have another offer available, it's okay to repeat a core offer.

If you are providing a downloadable file (i.e. the Download Intent option), then choose a topic that interests your audience and make sure the file is well branded. Good options for a downloadable may include:

  • A moving checklist for moving companies
  • A brochure of refinishing/remodeling designs 
  • Product/service/brand/manufacturer brochure

Another popular option is a free roof report detailing recent extreme weather events, as shown below.


Displaying the Exit Intent on Your Site

Exit intents are global features, meaning that by default, the pop-up will appear on every page of your website once it is created and activated. However, you can choose to turn off the exit intent feature on any page.

Tracking Exit Intent Leads

The Activity dashboard (under Contact Manager > Activity) tracks the source of all your leads, including Exit Intent. Simply utilize the Exit Intent filter to quickly view all leads who entered your website through the exit intent form.