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How to Edit an Image or Video in a Media Gallery (to Add a Title, Alt Text, Etc.)

If you'd like to add a title, description, or alt text to an image or video in a media gallery, follow the instructions below.

Please note that the gallery must first be created and saved before you'll be able to edit individual images or videos. (Link coming soon!)

1. Open the Gallery

First navigate to Site Content > Media Galleries. Then click on the gallery containing the photos or videos you'd like to edit.


2. Click the Pencil Icon

From the Edit Gallery page, hover over any photo until you see the pencil icon. Click the pencil to open the editing options.


3. Add Your Details

On the Edit Gallery Image page, fill out the details as shown in the screenshot below.


Here's what each field does:

  • Upload Image: Click this button to replace this photo or video with another one. (To delete the photo without replacing it, go back to the Edit Gallery page and click the trashcan. Link coming soon!)
  • Image Title: As shown in the labeled screenshot below, this title appears whenever a user clicks on an image. 
  • Image Description: As shown in the labeled screenshot below, this description appears whenever a user clicks on an image. 
  • Image Alt Text: This text does not appear anywhere to the website user but is used by search engines to understand the content.


The very top label in the image above ("Vinyl Siding") is the title of the media gallery as a whole.

4. Save Your Changes

Once you've adjusted the image details, click Save to save your changes.


Repeat the process above for as many images as you'd like you edit.