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Overview: Site Content

The Site Content section of the LISA admin is where you'll go to edit the content on your website. For LISA admin users with the Admin role, this section includes the following features. 


The rest of this article will explain what each section of Site Content does and will link to further resources you can explore. Scroll down to view all options or jump to a specific section in the list below:

If you are a moving company, you'll also see a Moving Supplies page!


The Pages feature allows you to edit the content of the pages on your site, which includes the text within the page as well as the "page info" details: the heading, the quote form heading, the review displayed, the blog post displayed, and more.


Please note that you must have the Content Manager role (in addition to any other roles) in order to access Site Content > Pages.


The Offers section (under Site Content > Offers) allows you to create new offers, activate or deactivate offers, and decide where they are displayed on your website.


Common offers include:

  • Warranties
  • Financing
  • Sweepstakes
  • Limited-time discounts
  • Military discounts
  • Seasonal sales
  • Referral bonuses

Exit Intent

The Exit Intent feature (Site Content > Exit Intent) allows you to create calls-to-action that automatically pop up whenever a user goes to leave your page.


Exit intent elements are great for lead conversion and highly recommended for:

  • Advertising special sales
  • Highlighting new products or services
  • Announcing important news or updates
  • Offering a downloadable PDF, such as a moving guide or remodeling checklist

Learn more about the exit intent feature.


Through the FAQs section of the admin (Site Content > FAQs), you can quickly create an FAQs page and edit the questions that appear on it. FAQs are a great way to provide helpful information to customers and to subtly reinforce your unique selling points.

Once published to your site, your FAQs will look similar to the ones below.


Want to learn more? Explore the FAQs feature in more depth.

Website Alert

Through Site Content > Website Alert, you can add an informational bar to the top of your website. As shown in the example below (featuring a red website alert), this bar sits above your main navigation and puts key information in one of the most eye-catching spots of your website.


The website alert banner is most often used for:

  • Emergency announcements
  • Public health measures
  • Unexpected schedule changes
  • Upcoming product/service delays
  • Other critical and time-sensitive information


The Careers dashboard (located at Site Content > Careers) allows you to manage the job postings that appear on your website. 


Not familiar with this section? Explore the Careers feature.

Career Applications

From Career Applications (Site Content > Career Applications), you can view all job applicants and details, including contact information, source, resume, and more. Click on any application to download the resume and/or cover letter as well.


Media Galleries

The Media Galleries feature (Site Content > Media Galleries) allows you to create curated galleries of videos and/or photos. Once you've created a gallery, you can assign it on a page-by-page basis so that each page displays the most relevant imagery.


Galleries are commonly based around a theme. For example, you might create different galleries for different:

  • Services
  • Products
  • Project types
  • Home types
  • Brands
  • Service areas

Video Library

The Video Library section allows you to add embedded videos to your website, either from YouTube or Vimeo. Video libraries are similar to media galleries, but you can only upload one video per library (as opposed to Media Galleries' multiple upload and display).


Refer to these resources to learn how to upload a video. (Links coming soon!)

Additional Fields

The Additional Fields section (Site Content > Additional Fields) is where you'll manage assorted settings for your LISA platform, including your website favicon, testimonial text, and more. The settings you adjust here will be used in other areas of the LISA platform (such as email templates).


View our overview of "additional fields" for a field-by-field breakdown.

Change Log

The Change Log feature (Site Content > Change Log) provides documentation of key changes saved to your LISA platform. From here, you can view individual updates in reverse chronological order, along with the user who made them.


Learn more about the change log and how to use it. (Link coming soon!)