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How to Create a New Tag

Within the LISA admin, tags allow you to categorize contacts for ease of searching and filtering on the Contacts page. There are two main ways to create a new tag:

  1. From the Manage Tag page 
  2. From any contact's page

Learn how to add a tag via both methods below.

Method #1: From the Manage Tag Page

To add a tag with this first method, you must be a LISA admin user with the Administrator role.

1. Add Tag

From the Manage Tags page (located under Contact Manager > Manage Tags), simply click the button for + Add Tag.


2. Fill in and Save

Then give the tag a name (required) and a tag type (optional). Click Save.


By creating a tag from the Manage Tag page, that tag will be saved to your admin and suggested whenever you add a tag to a contact using method #2 below.

Method #2: From a Contact's Page

Any user with access to view the contact in question can create a tag using this method. That means that Reps can create tags like this, but only for contacts assigned to them. (Learn more about Rep access.)

1. Go to the Contact's Page

From the Activity dashboard or the Contact dashboard, find the contact and click to open their page.


2. Add the Tag

Scroll down to the bottom of the contact's page and type the new tag in the field for "Tag this contact," pressing Enter to complete the entry.


As you type, currently existing tags will be suggested. However, you can always ignore these suggestions and enter a new tag instead.

3. Save

Even though the tag will be added to the page as soon as you hit enter, you must click Save to complete the process. (If you leave the page without saving, the tag will not be saved.)


For more information on tags, check out these resources:

If you'd like to learn more about the Representative role (which can use method #2 above), please head over to our Rep overview or learn more about setting up Rep access.