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How to Add an Urgency Date to an Offer

Urgency dates are a great way to encourage website visitors to claim an offer before it's too late. While optional, this feature is highly recommended to help drive site visitors to take action! Add an urgency date to any offer by following the instructions below.


If you're new to urgency dates, start by checking out our quick overview.

1. Go to Your Offers Dashboard

After logging into your LISA admin, go to Site Content > Offers.


2. Click on an Offer or Create a New One

From your Offers dashboard, click on any offer to edit it, or create a new offer by clicking the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner.


If you want some general advice, follow along with our article on how to create a new offer or editing options for an offer.

3. Add the Urgency Date

Regardless of whether you're editing an existing offer or creating a new one, you'll add the urgency date in the same spot: under the "Urgency Date" field. This is located within the first expandable section on the page, titled Offer.

Enter a date manually or use the calendar to select the date.


Keep in mind that the urgency date is simply appended to the end of your offer's short description (as shown in the screenshot below). Be sure to write the short description in such a way that it flows naturally into the date.


4. (Optional) Add an Auto-Renewal Period

Once you've added an urgency date, a second field will appear beneath it. Here you can set the urgency date to auto-renew after any number of days.


Setting an auto-renewal date ensures that the urgency date is always active and displaying to customers—without you having to go in and manually adjust it.

5. Save Your Changes

Once you've made your edits, click save at the bottom to save your changes.