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How to Request a Video Chat with a Customer

The LISA admin comes with built-in video call technology to help you speak with customers face to face, even at a distance. Called Visual Quoter, this technology makes it easy to offer remote consultations and cost estimates.

To request a video chat with a customer, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Contacts or Activity Page

After logging into the LISA platform, go to your Contacts dashboard under Contact Manager > Contacts or your Activity dashboard under Contact Manager > Activity.


2. Click on the Contact

From either the Contacts or Activity page, click on the contact from the list. (You can use our searching tips if you need help finding a contact: searching the Contacts page or searching the Activity page.)


3. Request Video Quote

From the contact's page, click the button for "Actions" and then click "Request Video Chat."


Curious about the other actions? Learn more about sending a message or creating an appointment here.

4. Confirm and Send the Invite

In the modal, confirm the phone number and/or email address, and then click "Send Meeting Invite." (Please note that at least one contact method is required.)


Clicking the button will send the meeting invite right away, confirmed by a green info bar at the top of the contact's page.


What happens next?

The customer will receive a link by email or text message, in which they can click a button for "Start Your Meeting Now."


This will connect the customer to the Visual Quoter screen, where they will confirm their details and then choose to start a video call or leave a recorded message.

Please note that a Rep must be logged in in order to receive the incoming video chat. Learn how the Rep can open Visual Quoter

You can learn more about Visual Quoter as well as LISA admin Reps here: