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How to Update a Customer's Contact Information

Through the LISA admin's Contact Manager, it's easy to edit the contact information of any lead or customer. Simply follow the instructions below.

In addition to good record-keeping, maintaining up-to-date customer profiles is important for calculating an accurate Match Index and for dynamically inserting customer data into emails.

1. Go to the Contacts or Activity Page

After logging into your LISA admin, go to the Contacts page (under Contact Manager > Contacts) or the Activity page (under Contact Manager > Activity).


While there are some differences between the Contact and Activity pages, for this task, you can use either one. Learn more about their similarities and differences.

2. Click on the Customer

Find the customer whose contact information you'd like to edit. (You can use our searching tips for the Activity page or the Contacts page if you need help.)


3. Edit the Relevant Information

On the customer's individual page, scroll down to the bottom and update any of the relevant fields in the Contact Information section. (The top portion is displayed in the screenshot below.)


Most of these fields are self-explanatory, but here are a few notes on some of the fields shown in the screenshot above:

  • Name and Address: Please note that these fields must be correct (and match homeowner records) in order to calculate a Match Index.
  • Sales Assistant: This is a simple, internal-only note saved for your reference.
  • Sales Rep: This is also an internal-only note for your reference. (Please note that this will not assign the customer to the rep in the LISA admin; to do so, use the "Contact Owner" field shown below.)
  • Co-Owner Information: This is also an internal-only note for your record-keeping purposes.

The bottom portion of a customer's contact information appears as below.


In these sections, you can:

  • Select a "Contact Owner" to assign the customer to a representative
  • Add additional information regarding the customer's preferences (e.g. do not call)
  • Add a new tag to the customer
  • Check the box to recalculate the Match Index (required for an accurate index if you have updated the customer name or address)

4. Save Your Changes

Once you've edited the customer's contact information, click "Save" to save your changes.