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How to Hide a Resume or Cover Letter from a Job Posting

From the LISA admin, you can decide what kind of applicant information and supplementary application materials to request on any job posting. To remove the resume upload feature or the cover letter text entry field from a job posting, follow the instructions below.


1. Go to Site Content > Careers

After logging into your LISA platform, navigate to Site Content > Careers.


2. Add a Job or Edit an Existing One

On the Careers page, click on the job posting you'd like to edit, or click "+ Add Job" to add a new job posting. 


If you're creating a new job, follow along with our general instructions for more detail. (Link coming soon!)

3. Hide Resume and/or Cover Letter

On the job posting page, look to the right-hand column.


Just beneath the field for "Post End Date," check the relevant boxes: Hide Resume and/or Hide Cover Letter.


4. Save Your Changes

Once you've made your edits, scroll down to the bottom to save your changes to your job posting. 


As soon as you hit save, your updates will be reflected on the live job posting, which is accessible from the Careers page on the frontend of your website (located at /careers/).

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