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Overview: Dynamic or "Available Fields" in Messages

Whenever you send a message in the LISA admin, one of the customizable options available to you is called "Available Fields."

The Available Fields section is located at the bottom of the email text editor and has several subsections, as shown below.


What Are Available Fields?

Available fields provide a means of inserting dynamic information into your email message. These fields pull from data saved elsewhere in the LISA admin (such as your company address) and serve as a placeholder where the actual data will appear. For example:

  • To insert a link to your Facebook page, you could insert the dynamic field of #FacebookButton#.
  • To add the contact's name to the email, you could insert the field of #ContactFirstName#.
  • To include your company's working hours, you could insert the field of #DefaultHours#.

How Do They Work?

To insert any field into your email text, simply click on it from the list. You can add as many dynamic fields as you would like, and you can use them in both blank emails or in email templates.


The field will populate in your email template exactly as it appears—for example, #DefaultRepName#.


When this email is sent to the customer, however, the applicable information will be automatically pulled from your LISA admin. The customer will not see #DefaultRepName# but rather the actual Rep name.

In this case, for the sake of example, the Rep's name is Spectrum Test.


Curious about #DefaultRep#? Learn more about the default rep.

What If There Is No Data Associated with the Field?

If you insert a dynamic field that does not have any data associated with it, then it will be left blank in the email.

For example, if there is nothing saved in the contact's Company field (shown in the example below), then inserting #ContactCompanyName# will not actually add anything to the email.


Why Use Dynamic Fields?

Using dynamic fields is a great way to:

  • Make sure that your data stays up-to-date, even as it changes
  • Reduce typos in customer and company emails
  • Decrease the amount of manual entry per email
  • Easily personalize any email with the contact's name, address, etc.

How Can I Update the Information in These Fields?

The information saved in these fields is pulled from various spots in the LISA admin. To update the information, you would navigate to these different areas of the LISA admin, make your changes, and then save them.

Get specific instructions on where and how to update each dynamic field.

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