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Where Can I Display Customer Reviews on My Website?

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to build credibility among your website visitors, and the more you display them throughout your site, the better! Below, learn more about all the places you can display reviews on your website.

On the Homepage

Many of our clients choose to display their best reviews on their homepage—either as a single review like the one below, as several reviews side by side, or even as a slider that displays rotating reviews. 


If you'd like to display reviews on your homepage or switch out the reviews that are featured, please contact your Spectrum Client Manager or submit a help ticket.

On Individual Site Pages

You can choose to display a review on any of your site pages. You can even decide which type of review to display: the most recent of all, the most recent in a particular market, or the most recent for a particular type of service.

The example below is on a typical sub-level page (such as /siding/siding-replacement/), and it shows the company's latest customer review in the right-hand column.


Follow these instructions to display a review on a site page.

On the Reviews Page

All reviews that you publish to your website will be immediately posted to your Reviews page (located at /reviews/).


Please keep in mind that only the reviews that you choose to publish will be displayed here on the Reviews page. You can always archive reviews if you do not want to publish them.

You can also reply to reviews, which shows engagement and signals to website visitors that you do care what customers have to say. Replies to reviews will also be displayed on the Reviews page, as shown below.


In Custom Locations on Your Site

Want to display your reviews in a completely different spot on your website? We'd love to hear about it! Our designers can accommodate most requests for custom display, although it will depend on the specifics of your website design.

Please contact us by reaching out to your Spectrum Client Manager or by submitting a support ticket.

On Your "Our Team" Page

If you are collecting customer reviews for individual employees, then the each employee's star rating will appear on your Our Team page (located at /our-team/). 


By clicking any star rating on the Our Team page, a website visitor can then leave a review for this specific team member or view all of the team member's current reviews.


Learn more about adding employees as "team members" so that you can collect employee-specific reviews.

On Past Projects

If you've collected a review with a past project, then the review will be displayed with that project on the Past Projects page.


Did you know? In addition to displaying your reviews across your website, you can also share your best customer reviews on social media to drive more people to your website and help build credibility.