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Best Practice: Use InstaCall to Connect with Leads Faster

When reaching out to leads who have submitted a form (whether through your website or through a third-party platform like Facebook), speed is of the essence. Most potential customers will be contacting multiple companies at the same time, so responding ASAP is the best way to capture that business before someone else does.

We recommend reaching out within 15 minutes of every form submission. To help you connect with potential customers in such a short timeframe, the LISA admin offers a feature called InstaCall.

InstaCall works like this:

  • A lead submits a quote form, an offer form, or a Facebook form.
  • As soon as the form is submitted, the LISA admin places an automated call to both your team and to the lead. (Each side will hear a message like, "Incoming call, press 1 to connect.")
  • Both sides connect to the call, where your team member can work with the customer to schedule the next step in the sales process.

To turn on InstaCall and connect with form leads by phone ASAP, please contact your Spectrum Client Manager or fill out a support ticket.