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How to Extend an Offer Past Its Expiration Date

If your offer has expired but you'd like to extend it, you can easily change the expiration date and reactivate the offer. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Offers Dashboard

Navigate to your Offers dashboard by logging into your LISA platform and going to Site Content > Offers.


2. Click on the Offer

From the list of offers, click on the expired offer that you'd like to update.


3. Update the Expiration Date

In the field for "Expiration Date," delete the current date and type in a new one using the mm/dd/yyyy format. Alternatively, click the calendar icon to use the date picker.


When choosing a new expiration date, please keep in mind that the date is visible to website visitors. See where an offer's expiration date displays here.

4. Save Your Changes

Scroll to the bottom and click "Save" to save your changes.


That's it! Your offer will now have a new expiration date and will be displayed again anywhere you've chosen across your site.