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Step-by-Step Guide to Using the In-Person Leads Tool

Spectrum’s In-Person Leads tool allows your business to make the most of the home shows and events you visit. All of your leads will flow directly into the LISA admin for easy lead management and follow up, allowing you to capture as much business as possible.

To create and manage an in-person lead event, follow the instructions and links below.

Before the Event

A LISA user with the Admin role must complete the following steps before your event:

  1. Add attending team members as Event Reps.
  2. Optional: Add event products.
  3. Create the in-person lead event in the admin.
  4. Email or text a unique access code to your Event Reps.

During the Event

At the event, your reps will:

  1. Open the event sign-in form and log in using their access code.
  2. Leave the sign-in form open on a tablet or computer, encouraging visitors to fill it out. (Here's an example of what the form will look like.)
  3. As soon as visitors complete the form, they'll receive an automated thank you email and you'll see the lead flow into your LISA admin's Contact Manager.

Please note that internet access is required for the In-Person Leads tool. If you expect to be in an area with poor connectivity, we recommend having paper as a back-up.

After the Event

LISA users with the Admin role can:

  1. View leads from the event by clicking In-Person Leads > View Contacts, which will bring up a filtered list on the Activity dashboard.
  2. Use the Contact Manager to follow up with the leads and nurture the sale. You can send an email, set an appointment, and more.