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Overview: All About Offers in the LISA Platform

Offers are a great way to encourage website visitors to engage with your company. By advertising a specific offer that appeals to visitors' needs, wants, and goals, you'll greatly increase the likelihood that a website visitor requests more information and thus enters your sales funnel.


This article explains covers common FAQs about the Offers feature in the LISA admin.

What Are Offers?

Offers are a unique type of web page that you can create in the LISA admin. Offers are commonly used to highlight:

  • Seasonal sales
  • Limited-time discounts
  • Discounts for military, senior citizens, or other special groups
  • Special financing rates
  • Warranty information
  • Upgraded warranty options
  • Special certifications or trainings
  • New product/service offers
  • Sweepstakes

What Types of Offers Can I Create?


There are two main types of offers you can create in the LISA admin: standard offers and sweepstakes-style offers. Both are created in a similar way but are recommended for different uses.

Explore the links below to learn how to create each one:

  1. How to Create an Offer
  2. How to Create a Sweepstakes

Where Can I Display Offers?


Once you've created an offer, you can display it in many spots across your site, ensuring that you catch the eye of website visitors when they're most likely to engage.

Refer to the links below to learn how to display your offers in each spot:

  1. On the home page
  2. On the Offers page
  3. Anywhere on your site

Who Can Add or Edit an Offer?

To add, edit, or delete an offer, a LISA platform user must have access to the Offers dashboard. That means that only the following roles will be able to update the offers on your website:


Where Do Leads from Offers Go?

Like all of your LISA platform leads, leads from offers will flow into your Contact Manager


Who Gets Notified About Offer Leads?

You decide! Under the Notifications section of the LISA admin, you can set specific rules as to:


Want some general tips? Learn more about notification routing and email templates.