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Who Can Manage Site Content?

The Site Content section of the LISA admin allows you to edit the content of your website. The exact features available for editing will vary based on your LISA admin user role:

  • Admin
  • Content Manager
  • User

Note that only these three roles can access Site Content in any way. Learn more about each role and its Site Content editing permissions below. 

Admin Role

LISA users with the Admin role will have the most robust view of the Site Content section.


Learn more about what an Admin user can do in the following resources:

The only site editing feature that Admins cannot access is Site Content > Pages. To edit site pages, an Admin user must also have the role of Content Manager. (See more on this role below.)

Content Manager Role

The Content Manager role is a unique role with limited access to the LISA admin.


As shown above, a Content Manager can access:

*Remember, the Content Manager is the only role that can edit site pages. Even Admin users must have the Content Manager role to do this.

Learn more about this unique user role in our overview of the Content Manager.

User Role

The User role has very limited access to the Site Content section, including just Additional Fields. Please note, however, that Users can also access the blog feature in its own section just beneath Site Content (as shown below).