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How to View Leads from Offers

Like all of your LISA platform leads, leads from offers and sweepstakes will flow into your Contact Manager. Follow the instructions below to see all of the leads from your various offers.

1. Go to Contact Manager > Activity

After logging into your LISA admin, go to Contact Manager > Activity.


To view this section of the LISA admin, you must be an Administrator, User, or Representative. Explore these user roles and more here.

2. Filter for Offers

On the Activity page, click into the dropdown menu for Activities.


From the dropdown menu, choose Offers.


Please be aware that only offers that use an "Offer Form"—not a "Quote Form"—will flow leads into the Activity Manager marked as offers.

3. Add More Filters, If You Want

Once you've filtered for offers in general, you can further narrow down these leads using any combination of the filters at the top: user type, source type, lead provider, locations, and date. 


4. View the Offer Details

To get more information on any offer lead, simply click on the activity in question.


Then scroll down to the bottom of the contact's page to see all of the details provided with the offer form submission.


Need to take action with this lead? That's easy to do from the top of this page, too. Scroll back up to request a video chat, send a message, and more.