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How to Turn on Browser Notifications for the LISA Admin

To make sure that your team is getting up-to-the-minute lead notifications, the LISA admin is able to provide push notifications to your browser. These push notifications will appear as a pop-up box in your internet browser, alerting you to lead activity such as incoming phone calls.

To activate browser notifications for your LISA platform, follow the instructions below.

If You're Logging In for the First Time

The first time that you log into your LISA admin, you'll be prompted by your internet browser as to whether or not you'd like to receive push notifications.

The exact wording will depend on which internet browser you're using, but all you need to do is accept the request to activate push notifications. (In the example below, which is in Google Chrome, the button says "Allow.")


That's it! Now the LISA platform will be able to send you notifications through your browser whenever the browser is open.

If You Previously Declined Notifications

If you originally declined browser notifications when you logged into LISA for the first time, then your browser will remember this preference and will not display the same pop-up again. However, you can change your web notification settings at any time through your internet browser's settings or preferences panel.

The exact instructions will vary based on the browser you use. Here are instructions for managing web notifications on some of the most popular internet browsers:

If you don't see your browser on the list above, search in Google for "how to manage browser notifications for [your browser's name]."

If you're using Internet Explorer, please be aware that IE does not support browser notifications. IE is an outdated internet browser, and Microsoft will stop supporting it by mid-2022. For a better experience, we recommend switching to one of the browsers above.

Did you know? In addition to browser notifications, you can also set admin "toaster" notifications for phone calls, as shown below.


By enabling these pop-up phone call notifications for all of your LISA platform users, you'll ensure that no call is missed. Learn how to enable these notifications here.