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How to Delete an Offer

To permanently delete an offer from the LISA admin, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Your Offers Dashboard

After logging into your LISA platform, click "Site Content" and then "Offers."


2. Open the Menu

From the list of offers on your Offers dashboard, find the one that you'd like to delete. Click the three-dots menu at the right side of the row.


3. Click "Delete"

From the expanded menu, click the button to delete the offer.


4. Confirm the Delete

In the browser that pops up, click to confirm the deletion.


Please be aware that you cannot delete the default offer. If you'd like to do so, please set a new default offer first and then proceed with deleting the original.

Once you've deleted the offer, it will be completely and permanently removed from your Offers dashboard. If the offer was live on your website, it will also be immediately removed from wherever it was displayed.

Did you know? If you'd like to hide an offer from your website visitors' view without permanently deleting it, consider deactivating the offer or rescheduling it for the future instead.