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Deactivating vs. Deleting an Offer

From your Offers dashboard, you have two easy options for removing an offer from your website: deactivating the offer or deleting the offer. 


Here's what each of these options does:

  • Deactivating the offer will remove it from the frontend of your website (so visitors cannot see it), but the offer will remain accessible in your LISA admin. You can return to the offer at a later date to edit, reactivate, or delete it.
  • Deleting the offer will immediately remove it from your website and from your LISA admin. This action cannot be undone, and you will not be able to edit the offer or reactivate it in the future. Please note that the default offer cannot be deleted.

Not sure which option is best? If you don't know whether you'll need the offer again in the future, we recommend deactivating it for the time being. There is no limit to the number of deactivated offers you can have in the LISA admin, and you can always delete it later.