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How Are PSAI Apps Sourced in the LISA Admin?

Leads from your PSAI apps can flow directly into your LISA admin, where you'll be able to view precise sourcing details.

How Are PSAI App Leads Sourced?


Your PSAI leads will be sourced according to the type of PSAI site tool or engagement through which they came. They will be labeled as follows:

  • PSAI WebChat (Gia Chatbot)
  • PSAI Messenger (Facebook Business Chat)
  • PSAI Weather (including both Weather Widgets and Storm Campaigns)
  • PSAI Facebook (Ads Manager Campaigns)
  • PSAI Quote

By default, a PSAI lead would flow in with the label of Medium (PSAI AppType - {appName}). This might look something like Organic (PSAI Quote - Window Discount Form).

However, the LISA admin will automatically perform a series of further checks in order to provide the most specific lead flow information possible. These checks include:

  • Does the source match a UTM rule? If yes, then the format would be {Matching Rule Source} (PSAI Quote - {appName}).

Where Are PSAI Leads Displayed?

You can view leads from PSAI apps in the same place as your other leads: under Contact Manager > Activity.


What Lead Sourcing Information Is Provided?

All PSAI leads will provide the same sourcing information as your other leads. Click on the lead from the Contact Manager or Activity page to see the details shown below.


I Don't Have PSAI and LISA Connected. How Do I Do This?

In order for your PSAI leads to flow into your LISA admin as described above, you'll need to establish the connection by adding an endpoint to your PSAI apps and/or Ads Manager ads. This is very easy to do and takes no more than a few minutes.

Did you know? You can also flow your leads in the opposite direction—from your LISA platform to PSAI. The benefit of this is that you can take advantage of the PSAI Com Portal for email, SMS, instant weather returns, and more.