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Form Thank You Page Options and Examples

When creating a page in the LISA admin, you have the option to specify a landing page form result. In other words, where will the website visitor go after submitting the page's quote form? 

This setting is controlled on a page-by-page basis under the Landing Page field of the Form Result section.


When you click into the Landing Page dropdown menu (shown above), you'll see that there are six options for the form result. Scroll down to view examples of each thank you page option, or click on the following links to jump straight to a specific one:


The default thank you page is the same as /thank-you/quote-thank-you/.


The /thank-you/quote-thank-you-weather/ option provides an extreme weather report for the address entered into the previous quote form. It also displays a new call-to-action form encouraging the user to request a roof inspection.



This thank you page option should always be used in conjunction with the page type: _D_2ColumnPPCWeather.


The /thank-you/quote-thank-you/ option is the same as the Default option. This landing page displays a brief headline and note about what happens next. It also showcases a three-step process, your company's offer cards, and customer reviews.



The /thank-you/survey-thank-you/ landing page option provides a simple thank you message and a confirmation that a survey has been submitted.



The /thank-you/thank-you/ landing page option confirms the form submission and displays the information that the user just submitted.



This thank you page will only appear if you have a Yembo integration set up in the LISA admin, including a Yembo site link, token, and API link. If these are not set up in the admin, then the landing page will redirect to /thank-you/quote-thank-you/ shown above.

Learn more about integrations or how to set up a Yembo integration. (Link coming soon!)