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Options for Editing an Offer or a Sweepstakes

When creating an offer in the LISA platform, you have many design, copy, and customization options to choose from. Available on the Offer Detail page (shown below), these settings allow you to tailor each individual offer to your specific audience and business goals.


The Offer Detail page is accessible from your Offers dashboard under Site Content > Offers, either by creating a new offer or by clicking on an existing offer to edit it.

This article will explain the options available on the Offer Detail page, section by section:

  • Offer
  • Offer Landing Page Options
    • Form Options
    • Integration
    • Scripts
    • Meta Info
  • Disable/Enable Features


The first section, titled Offer, has to do with the content of your offer, which will appear on both the card format as well as the full-sized offer page.


A preview of the card format is provided on the right and will update in real time as you complete the offer details described below. For more context, check out this article on where offer cards can be displayed.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can set the following details for your offer or sweepstakes:

  • Offer Image: Choose an image that relates to this specific offer. If you don't have high-quality imagery, our designers can create custom images for you!
  • Image Alt Text: Alt text is used by screen readers and search engines to understand an image. Use a short phrase that makes sense to a human reader and do not stuff the text with keywords.
  • Offer Heading
  • Short Description 
  • Offer Button Text
  • Offer URL: Choose between an offer landing page (published on your website) and external URL. (Note that if you enter an external URL, further editing options will be removed.)
  • Offer ExpiresAdd an expiration date so that your offer is automatically removed from your website at a certain date (and to add a great sense of urgency for customers!).
  • Urgency Date: Enter an optional urgency date, which will display just below the short description and encourage visitors to take action before it's too late. (Link coming soon for more information!)
  • Schedule OfferAdd a scheduled date to have your offer automatically post on your website at a certain date.

Tip: To see what your form heading and button text will look like on the full-sized offer landing page, scroll down to the bottom and click "Preview Landing Page" at any time.


Offer Landing Page Options

Next you'll see a section dedicated to the offer's landing page. Here, you'll first select your preferred Landing Page Type: a standard offer page or a sweepstakes-style landing page.

These two landing pages look very different, so be sure to consider which one is best for your offer. You can view examples of the two landing page styles here.


The rest of the fields within this section will differ based on which landing page you've chosen. For a standard offer, these fields include:

  • Long Description
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Page Gallery

See which fields differ for a sweepstakes landing page in our article on the special landing page options for a sweepstakes.

Form Options

Within the section for Offer Landing Page Options is a section for Form Options. The first and most important setting here is to choose between the two form types available: Offer Form or Quote Form.

The form type you choose will dictate how leads from this offer are sourced and which email templates can be utilized. Learn more about the difference between choosing a quote form and offer form when creating an offer.


Once you have selected your preferred form type, you can also choose: 

  • Form Heading: This is the text that appears at the top of the form like a title. 
  • Form Button Text: This is the text that appears on the form's button—often something like "Submit" or "Sign Up Now."
  • Thank You Page: From the dropdown menu, select the thank you page that you'd like to appear after the customer submits the form. 
  • Customer Email Template: Choose which customer email template for offers will be automatically sent to a customer when they fill out the form on this page.
  • Company Email Template: Choose which company email template for offers will be automatically sent to notify you of a new lead from this offer.


If your LISA platform is integrated with one or more CRMs, then you'll see these CRMs displayed in the Integration section. (In the example below, this company uses MarketSharp.)


To flow leads from this offer into your CRM, you'd simply enter the appropriate form ID here. These fields are optional, so you can choose whether these specific offer leads flow into your CRM or not.


The Scripts section allows you to add scripts to the header or footer of this page. (Scripts are often used for additional features such as tracking analytics.)


Meta Info

In the Meta Info section, you can customize the meta information for this offer page. If you do not add custom meta information, then the offer will utilize the LISA admin's default meta information.


Disable/Enable Features

In the last section, you can choose whether or not this offer card displays on the Offers page. (If you do decide to display it, you can also change the order of offers!)


If you're a Spectrum Client Manager, please also see our internal article on this topic.

Once you've saved the information on the Offer Detail page, your offer will go live on your website immediately (unless it's been scheduled for a future date).

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