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How to Change the Order of Offers Displayed on Your Site

Your Offers dashboard features drag-and-drop functionality to help you manage the order in which offers are displayed across your site. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Your Offers Dashboard

Log into your LISA platform and then navigate to Site Content > Offers.


2. Use the Arrows to Drag and Drop

On the Offers dashboard, you'll see that each offer row features an arrow at the far left. Simply click and drag any arrow to move that offer up or down in the list.

About the sort order: The order from top to bottom in the LISA admin corresponds to the order from left to right on the frontend of your website. Thus, offers located at the top of the list on your Offers dashboard will be displayed first on the frontend of your website.

"All" Tab

The "All" tab displays all of your offers on your website, including featured and non-featured offers. Sorting this list by dragging and dropping will affect the order of offers displayed on your Offers page (located at /offers/). 


Simply use the arrows to drag and drop into your preferred order of display.


Please keep in mind that the only offers that will display on the Offers page are the ones that you have specifically chosen to display there. Learn how to set an offer to display on the Offers page.

"Featured" Tab

The "Featured" tab displays the offers that you have set to display on your homepage. Here you can use the same sort arrows to set the order of offer cards on your homepage.