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Best Practices for Your Website's Careers Page and Job Postings

To attract the highest-quality candidates for your job postings on your website's Careers page, we recommend following these best practices:

  1. List all open positions.
  2. Highlight all benefits.
  3. List any and all incentives.
  4. Feature photos/videos of your team.
  5. Call attention to your Careers page.

Get more detail on each best practice below.

1. List All Positions

On your Careers page, be sure to list all open positions. If you are hiring in multiple locations, break out each position into its own posting. (For example, if you're hiring a Sales Rep in Tampa, Orlando, and Holiday, you will want to create three separate positions.)

On this company's Careers page, you can see that each open position is posted per location.

Learn  how to create a new job posting on your website.

2. Highlight All Job Benefits

Within the individual job postings, be sure to list any and all job benefits that would make someone want to work with your company over another. These might include:

  • 1099 vs. W2
  • Health insurance packages
  • Growth opportunities
  • Continuous training
  • New equipment
  • PTO and sick days

You could also include an overview of these job benefits on the Careers page itself (in addition to specific job postings), as this client has done below.

3. List All Incentives

In addition to benefits, be sure to list any hiring incentives you're currently offering, such as a signing bonus after the first 90 days, a new truck giveaway to the highest-grossing new rep, etc.

The client below has one bulleted list for benefits and one for incentives, ensuring that the page is easy to read and attractive to potential applicants.

4. Feature Your Team

To make your company feel welcoming and approachable, it's a good idea to feature pictures or videos of your team. You could include posed group photos, candid photos at work, videos from volunteer efforts, etc. Try to choose media that highlights your company's unique culture and work environment.

For instance, the client below has chosen a photo that's relaxed, youthful, and friendly.

5. Highlight Careers Across Your Website

Once your Careers page and job postings are perfected, make sure people see them by featuring them throughout your website

For example, you might advertise your open positions in a website alert banner, like the client below has done.

Beyond your website, we recommend posting your jobs to key social platforms, too.