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How to Change the Email Template Sent to Your Team When an Offer Lead Comes In

Whenever a website visitor submits an offer form on your website, the LISA platform will send your team an automated email to inform you. If you'd like to change which email template is sent after an offer lead comes in, follow the instructions below.

These instructions will change which email template is sent but not the recipient. To change who on your team gets notified, follow these instructions. To learn how to edit the content of the company email templates (e.g. text, images, etc.), follow these instructions.

1. Go to the Offer

Navigate to your Offers dashboard under Site Content > Offers. Then click on the offer that you'd like to edit.


2. Choose a New Company Email Template

On the Offer Detail page, scroll down to the section for Form Options. Then click the dropdown menu for Company Email Template and select your preferred template.



Don't see the template you want to use? The company email templates that display in the dropdown menu are dictated by whichever type of form you have selected for this offer: a Quote Form or an Offer Form.

3. Save Your Changes

Once you have selected your preferred company email template, scroll to the bottom and click "Save" to save your changes.


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