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How to Create a New Job Posting

Your website's Careers feature allows you to easily manage your company's open positions, posting them on your website and directly receiving applications and resumes within the LISA admin. Below, learn how to add a new job to your website using the Careers dashboard.

Note that you must be a LISA user with the Administrator role to access Careers. To learn more about this feature, start with our Careers overview.

1. Go to Careers

After logging into your LISA platform, go to Site Content > Careers.


2. Add a Job

On the Careers page, click the button for + Add Job.


3. Add Your Job Posting Details

Fill out your job posting details on the Add Job Post page, taking note of the blue asterisks that indicate required information. (Is this an external job? Learn more here.)

Any URL entered in the Job Description, Job Information, or How To Apply sections will be automatically formatted into a clickable link on the job post page. 

To see where each of these fields will be displayed on the final job post on your website, please refer to the screenshot below as an example.


4. Save Your Changes

Once you've edited your job post, click Save to save your changes.


As soon as you save your new job post, it will automatically be activated—which means it will be displayed on your Careers page and visitors can submit an application. If you are not ready to publish your job post just yet, you can always deactivate it.