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Can I Edit an Existing Survey?

Yes! You can edit both test mode and active surveys, although the available edits differ slightly. Learn more below.

Test Mode Surveys


If your survey is in test mode, then you still have full editing capabilities because the survey has not been published live yet.

Simply click the pencil icon to bring up the survey details and make your desired edits.


Follow the links below to learn more about all of the customizations you can make:

  1. Survey Settings: Edit the survey's title, description, label, email request message, review option, and more.
  2. Survey Questions: Add, edit, delete, and reorder questions with no limitations, just as if you were creating a new survey.
  3. Survey Confirmation: Edit the thank you page message and the automated email thank you message.

As long as your survey is in test mode, you can continue to make as many edits as you'd like.

Active Surveys


If your survey has already been published live (and thus is in the active mode), then you have slightly fewer editing capabilities. 

Again, simply click the pencil icon to bring up the three survey pages that you can edit: Survey Settings, Survey Questions, and Survey Confirmation.


For an active survey, you can still edit the Survey Settings and Survey Confirmation pages as if you were creating a new survey. For example, you can edit the title of the survey, add an expiration date, change the thank you page message, and more.

However, to preserve the accuracy of your survey report, the Survey Questions page has more limited options:

  • You cannot add new questions.
  • You cannot delete any questions that relate to survey aggregates.
  • You can reorder questions.
  • You can edit the text of questions and answers.

If you want to make substantial changes to the content of an active survey, then we recommend creating a new survey instead.