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What Are the Different Ways to Request Reviews from Customers?

Through the LISA admin, you can easily request customer reviews for your website as well as third-party review sites like Angie's List. Whether for an on-site review or an external review, the two main ways to request a review are by SMS and email.

Learn more about both methods below.

Requesting Reviews by SMS

Anybody on your team can request a customer review by SMS without having to log into the LISA admin. All they have to do is navigate to your customer-facing Review Text Request page!

This method is great for collecting reviews while your staff is still on site. Asking for a review in person greatly increases the likelihood of a customer submitting a positive review.


Through SMS, you can request both on-site reviews and external reviews (Facebook, Angie's List, Houzz, etc.). Learn how to request a review by SMS.

Want to edit the information on your Review Text Request form? It's easy! We can change the external review markets, the review sites, and the default text message. Reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager or fill out a help ticket for assistance.

Requesting Reviews by Email

LISA admin users can request customer reviews via email by going to the Contacts dashboard at Activity Manager > Contacts.


Just like SMS, you can request both on-site reviews and external reviews by email. Learn more in these related resources:

Other Ways to Get Reviews from Customers

1. Point Visitors to Your Reviews Page

In addition to you requesting reviews, website visitors can always choose to leave you a review of their volition.

To encourage more visitors to leave you a review organically, consider bringing more people to your Reviews page by prominently displaying reviews throughout your website. For example, the company below displays reviews on every site page!


2. Use Incentives

Consider adding an incentive to encourage customers to take the time to review you. You can publicly post incentives on your website (like the example shown below), or you can send them to customers selectively. It's up to you!


3. Add a Review to a Survey

Did you know? You can also request reviews whenever you send a survey! You can even make the review required, if you want to.


Learn more about creating surveys and sending surveys in the LISA admin.

4. Add a Review to Past Projects

Similar to a survey, you can also request reviews whenever you upload a past project. This is another great way to capture a review while you're still on the job site.


Learn more about adding past projects or start with our overview of past projects.